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The Soulfam Podcast Interview: Ancestral Trauma & Dreams

In this episode of The Soulfam Podcast, Lexi and Diana interview Come Full Circle founder Vanessa Baltodano, an ancestral lineage trauma expert and head of dream studies at 22 Teachings School of Hermetic Science and Magical Arts. Vanessa's passion for self development and self healing lead her to found Come Full Circle and delve deeply into ancestral lineage trauma and dream interpretation. A first generation Nicaraguan American, Vanessa shares her own personal journey through ancestral lineage trauma, often a source of long-held family secrets and misunderstandings. Vanessa's work helps clients reclaim and understand their own ancestral lineage and celebrate all that is part of that. In this exciting interview, Vanessa discusses the fine woven threads of dreams and how their underlying meaning may surpass their obvious appearance. In this episode of The Soulfam Podcast, Vanessa shares her profound and uniquely divined work.


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