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Death and the Thinning of the Veil

Helpful exercises to make the most of this season Exercise 1: Attuning to your senses and Exercise 2: Peace with the Other side

“We are between the worlds,

Beyond the bounds of time,

Where night and day,

Birth and death,

Joy and sorrow,

Meet as one.”

- Starhawk

I recently caught COVID for the first time. I am blessed to say that my family and I have recovered and are starting to feel like ourselves again. Regardless of how we're feeling now, going through that experience was not easy. For me, I couldn't help but reflect and think of how this virus has changed all our lives. Death made herself known in so many ways. The death I'm referring to is an all-encompassing hand of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical embodiment. We will never be the same and although there are some that may disagree with this emotion, I can honestly say I'm grateful.

I do not mean to be insensitive to those who have suffered a physical loss by the hands of "Death." Instead, I am here to offer a 'rainbowed" perspective on the medicine of the Dark Mother, The Fairy Queen, The Crone, La Santa Muerte, the Black Madonna and Mother Gaia. When "Death" enters our realm, know that it is a key that unlocks the invisible shackles you didn't fully know you wore. It is in that wave of ending that all deep truths are revealed. That is when we have no other choice but to be honest with ourselves and to those we have lost. Death is what ushers in and initiates the act of the famous phrase "The Truth shall set you free."

As we move closer to the time when the veil is the thinnest, we will all be graced with the presence of Death albeit via pop-culture, movies, holidays, or personal transformations. I can already attest to this on a personal level. Individuals from the past who have had a strong impact on my family have re-entered our world by way of death or of suspicion of crossing over. Some of this re-entering has been way of my own psychic experience and others by affirming and revealing conversations with outside parties. One thing that I have found most helpful in these times is to become Earth herself. In other words, become still, soften your energy, and hold space to become one with the wave.

As we get closer to Halloween, energetically, we will feel ourselves moving closer to other dimensions and realms. I find this time of the year to be one that reminds us of our connection to all things and how expansive "Life" and "Death" can be, if we should only acknowledge it. There are two simple ways to become one with the energy available at this time. This first exercise can help you attune to your senses and strengthen your connection to yourself.

Exercise 1: Attuning to your senses

What you'll need:

  • Glass of water and a snack

  • 5 minutes of time and space

Exercise details:

Daily, create space and carve out 5 minutes of your time to be still and silent. In this space, run through all five of your senses.

  1. Begin by closing your eyes and taking three deep breaths.

  2. Connect with your sense of hearing. In this space, identify all the things you can hear, including the passing of cars on the street outside.

  3. Connect with your sense of smell and identify and describe what you can smell, including your hand or clothing.

  4. Connect with your sense of touch and describe all the things that you feel including the clothes you are wearing and the air that surrounds you.

  5. Connect with your sense of taste. Feel free to have a glass of water or snack with you to invigorate this exercise.

  6. Open your eyes slowly and connect with your sense of sight and describe what you are seeing from color to texture.

The more you do this exercise the more united you will become with the moment. In turn, you will trust yourself and intuition more and more over time.

Exercise 2: Peace with the Other side

What you'll need:

  • A cleared surface

  • A photo of the soul you wish to reach or

  • A piece of paper and a pen to write their name

  • A white candle

  • Something to light your candle

  • Journal

Exercise details:

In this second exercise, you can create the opportunity to connect and/or make peace with someone who has crossed over to the other side. This is not limited to those you are related to but instead open to connections made with animals and friends.

  • In your home, designate and clear a surface of your choice.

  • On this surface, place a photo of the soul you wish to connect with. If a photo is unavailable, you can write their name on a piece of paper and place it here.

  • Place a white candle on the altar.

  • Light the candle for 5 minutes a day. In these 5 minutes, take the time to speak to them or simply remind yourself of them and let them know in your own way that you wish to reconnect with the intention of bringing peace into both of your worlds. With the pureness of your intention, you can begin seeing synchronicities in waking life or even visitations in your dreams.

  • Note: Be careful to not hold too tightly with the longing of reconnection. It is this suffocating energy that can keep us from having a reunion with the dearly departed.

  • Continue this exercise through the end of October into November. It is not recommended to exceed 30 days.

  • Along the way, journal your reflection and experiences. You may notice that you are then beginning to have a dialogue with the dearly departed and that is when true healing can begin.

At the end of the cycle, you are welcome to place the photo on your ancestor altar (if this is indeed an ancestor) or place the photo back in its original home. If you wrote their name on a piece of paper, this paper can also go on your ancestor altar (again, if they’re indeed an ancestor) or you can burn the paper in the kitchen sink and bless it with running water. If appropriate allowing it to run down the drain or gathering the remains and burying it in soil.

I welcome you to take advantage of this deepening energy whether that be through these exercises or elsewhere, for this is where you find yourself. Great opportunity is found in the darkness. Great connection is found in the thinning of the veil.

“We are between the worlds,

Beyond the bounds of time,

Where night and day,

Birth and death,

Joy and sorrow,

Meet as one.”

Wishing you all a magically transformative month. Blessed be!


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