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The Mirror: A Moment of Reflection

The Mirror is part of my Dark Mother Oracle Newsletter. This is an excerpt from my New Moon in Pisces 2024 publishing.

Relationships. A one word sentence. I took a moment to really think about what has been present for me in the last year and this one-word stuck out the most. Perhaps it's what Venus, our relationship and beauty planet, has really taught me. Venus has brought relationships to the forefront of my consciousness and has had me questioning every interaction. Yes, first and foremost, it is important to start with the self and it was exactly what I started doing. To better understand the dynamics in my relationships it was empowering to examine my self-talk, self- thought, self-enforced habits. This awareness helped me see what kind of relationships I was cultivating with those around me and in turn, the environments I was building for myself. It all came to a head upon my return from Egypt, Kemet.


My pilgrimage through the sacred sites of Egypt, the opportunity to hold space and share space closely and tightly with similar minded-individuals, gave me insight and shed a new light and darkness. As some of you know, shortly after my endeavors, I made some very big decisions to essentially allow my current reality die. It was as though someone, some power, hit the reset button on my life and I was in cahoots with this force. Shortly after making these big choices, I encountered messages through others. The message that stuck out the most was the affirmation that my reality as I knew it, was given as an offering to the Void and in return the Void would feed my new vision.


During this death I began to face the dynamics that stemmed from my core values and at the same time, encouraged to be honest about my hearts true desires. Two specific realms were speaking to me, romantic relationships and my relationship with my worthiness. My path steered me towards environments where I began encountering other women who lived their lives in their full power and their environments reflected just that. I must admit, my little girl was triggered. It was as though I was facing all my limiting beliefs in the face and could no longer agree with them. I caught my ego in a lie!


At the same time, encounters in romantic relationships were having me look at my life long patterns. There was no hiding. I had come to a deeper understanding of which part of me had been steering the ship and, as a result, started taking full responsibility for my choices. My fears and my insecurities were chaotic drivers leading me into dynamics that were unsafe and blind to my true value further enforcing my fears and insecurities. Yep. It was true. I arrived at clarity and I saw everything for what is was, a vicious cycle of my own making. As you would expect, it was a mighty large pill to swallow but sure enough I did.


Essentially, there have been three realizations I've been blessed to experience in the last year. One, I have agency over the dynamics and environment I wish to cultivate in my spiritual life, practice, and community. Two, I am worthy of having an abundant and wealth filled life. Three, I am worthy of true love. My task now is to lean into the choices that support these truths. I have a choice everyday and the power of will to make them. My question for you is, have you swallowed your pill or, at the very least, have had the courage to face it? Does it help to know that in so doing, the light will become brighter on the other side?


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