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A Love Letter from the Dark Side

“Happy belated New Year! I know this year has started out with great power and I know you’ve done your best to navigate through it. The past two years have prepped you for this moment and have served as a reminder of who you are and what amazement you are capable of embodying. I’m getting the message that this year will be more about sharing ourselves more authentically by applying what we’ve learned. In other words, it’s not enough to just talk the talk, we must walk the walk.

In honor of this message, I’ve had to partake in some difficult conversations with people I admire, respect and love. I’ve had to declare my needs and boundaries while simultaneously sharing the rawness of who I’m becoming. In the last six months I’ve made commitments to my sobriety, faced traumas with my blood ancestor lineage (specifically with my relationship with my father and his alcohol abuse), strengthened my communication with my dearly departed, met new ancestors and building new relationships with them (i.e., Great Grandfather Feather, Grandmother Cacao and the Dark Mother) and moved deeper into communion with my Faery Beloveds. All of these experiences have increased my ability to see myself more clearly. At the same time, they’ve shed light on the psychic abilities I’ve kept dormant since childhood as a way of protecting myself. I suppressed these abilities based on fear stemmed from judgment, misunderstanding, misinformation and rejection. The last three months have been filled with support and love summoned by my Faery Beloveds who led me to a new community of people who share similar experiences. They’ve helped me embrace my abilities and walked alongside me on the path of self-acceptance where I’m better understanding that my medicine IS for everyone, but not welcomed by all. Regardless of my fears, it is my purpose to be authentic and share more of myself with the world.

This year is about sharing myself with you with greater transparency based on my better understanding of who I am. If you didn’t already know about me, my practice and my medicine, allow me to share this with you now. I’m an Earth based healing practitioner. I work with the darker aspects of the self-such as shadow-work, trauma, ancestors, dreams, the subconscious, blockages, death medicine, the Underworld, animal/plant spirits and their consciousness, crystals, the faery realms and the light within the Earth. I do not encourage habits of spiritual bypassing. I recognize what I offer and encourage others to explore is not easy. In fact, it can be very difficult. But I feel called to remind you, the more difficult the task the greater the reward. There is light within the darkness. It is the gold created in the process of alchemy. I share this with you because what I offer and how I offer myself will become clearer and more reflective of these aspects in the coming months. I’m here to walk you through the process and be as authentic and honest as possible. But I also understand that you may not think this is for you, at least not at this time, and that is okay. I’m here whenever you’re ready. Just know that I know you are worthy of freedom and divine love even if you have resistance to take the leap.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message as it wasn’t easy to write. It is part of my work and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to do it with you as my witness. With that said, I welcome you to take a look at my list of upcoming events and services. As always, I encourage you to participate where your heart calls you, with or without fear. I will welcome you with open arms."

Photographs by Daniel Vazquez


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